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We don't haveta eat the whole thing! It's a TASTE test. Tasting it won't trigger a heart attack or turn us into thickburgers.

Would it?

Of course...how many layers of a famous bowl would a taste get us? Probably need to polish off the whole bowl, cheese, corn and all.


I like a good hamburger as much as the next person, but those pictures made my stomach wretch.

Library Cat

I thought Hardee's was introducing a new Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich; not a cheese steak on top of a giant burger. Good freakin' lord! Are they only marketing to construction workers now?


I'm not embellishing in the least when I say that one bite of that KFC monstrosity would make me hurl.


I wish I had not read this blog entry tonight. (I have to read at home because the server at my place of employment has decided that this blog does not exist) Now I will feel bad to miss it. The thought of dragging two small children down there by myself fills me with fear. Had I not read until, say, Saturday, I would only be half as disappointed.


Now, firstly, I don't even know if we have Hardee's in Canada, and secondly, I am generally the kinda guy who can dig on a good burger... but this unholy and dreadful thing fills me with dread.

Looking at the picture makes my heart feel weak and my belt feel tight.

I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who manages to choke down one of those horrid abominations, due to the untold havoc it will wreak on their minds, bodies, and yes, even souls; and doubly sorry for anybody who has to smell them afterwards.

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